Letter to a Pastor

Dear Father:

I wrote this letter as soon as I got home from church this Sunday. I need to let you know that I was very close to snap in church.

You began your homily recommending a movie with these words: ” A few days ago I watch a movie which I recommend to you, and I warn you , you need to have a little tolerance for profanity … and then you went on to describe the movie….and so on.

I felt insulted . This is what is wrong with the church nowadays. I have read the gospels and nowhere I found Jesus recommending or saying we need to be “tolerant” about profanity. There is so much profanity in the world today. The last thing we need is a pastor of the church recommending more profanity.

Aren’t you aware of the damage that profanity causes to the human brain. If you are recommending that we need to be tolerant about profanity; then we have to be tolerant about abortion, and planned parenthood, and pornography and all kinds of evil. We are called to live the Gospel of Jesus. We are call to be brave and proclaim the word of Jesus as it is . Instead of watching profane movies , we should be on our knees praying for peace, praying for family restitution, for the disruption that modern society generates  in catholic families.

I am sorry I am passionate about his things. The first time I went to your Church, they had “Technology Sunday” We are loaded with technology. We need no more.

I felt sad that on a day when Christ is King !!, the pews are half full. The problem in the church starts with us, starts with you. We look onto you for guidance and spirituality. We need  a true witness. We need to fill the pews with committed  Catholics, with passionate Catholics. This is not the way we will do it.

Out of true humility I beg you to discern about your homily and  if Jesus inspires you,  then  to apologize to the congregation. We cannot just continue adjusting to society evils. We need to soundly call what is wrong and not recommending it.

We need to read again:  “I advise you to buy from me gold refined by fire so that you may be rich, and white garments to put on…… Revelation 3-18

I do apologize but I had to write this letter. If I don’t,  then I will be part of the group that accept “tolerance” with  all kinds of evil in the world.  I do not want to be part of that group

Sincerely yours

A member of your congregation.



Dear Parishioner:

Thank you for your letter commenting on my homily.  Thank you for listening so carefully to my words.  I respect your abhorrence of profanity, since I do believe profanity is a bad thing.  However, my tolerance of some profanity in film does not at all mean that I approve of abortion and other absolutely intolerable sins.  I mentioned that the movie had profanity so those like you who have no toleration for profanity would not be offended by attending the film, which, as I said, is otherwise quite good.  God bless you!
In Christ,  Fr. J D

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